Coopworth Top Natural Color Fiber | Louet

Product Description

Brand: Louet North America

Coopworth Sheep were first imported to the United States and Canada in the late 1970's and are still a rare breed in North America. The wool is sturdy, somewhat coarse, with a "high spiral-type" crimp, a bright luster, and pointed at the tips. Staples may be round or flat. Coopworth Fiber is easy to spin, so it is suitable for beginning spinners. Best spun as a medium to bulky yarn, being careful not to overspin or overply, as you may lose the silky appearance. An all purpose yarn, outerwear, felting, weaving (warp or weft), and is excellent for rugs.
  • 100% Coopworth Wool
  • Natural Color
  • 4 oz
  • Micron Count 35-39
  • Staple Length 6"-8"