Jacob Sliver Top Natural Color Fiber | Louet

Product Description

Brand: Louet North America

Jacob sheep are a rare breed and has not undergone any crossbreeding and remains a fairly pure breed since the 1700's. They have many colors black and white is most popular in the U.S. while browns are seen more over-seas. There can be a lot of variation in the fleece. The range of natural colors are amazing because the spots can be separated out and carded together.  Oh the possibilities! The feel is slightly crispy on top and buttery soft at the same time.

This fiber is suitable for rugs, felting and outerwear and is a great value. Beginner spinners will also enjoy this inexpensive fiber as it is fairly easy to spin and won't slip away from you like merino. 

  • 100% Jacob Wool
  • Natural Color
  • 4 oz
  • Micron Count 25-35
  • Staple Length 3"- 7"