Perendale Sliver Top Natural Color Fiber | Louet

Product Description

Brand: Louet North America

Perendale is a Romney/ Cheviot Cross. Perendale fleece will be bouncy with low luster and will feel crisp. 

This fiber is a fantastic fiber for beginning spinners, it offers a longer than normal staple and a perfect courseness that allows you to spin comfortably but not too quickly. Will also felt extremely well.

What you cannot produce with this type of fleece is the typically smooth and dense true worsted type yarn, as the springiness of the wool tends to puff it out, capturing air within the yarn. If you do use the worsted technique you will produce a different type of yarn, with all the worsted strength and wearability, but with reduced weight and added warmth - very special.

Perendale makes an excellent woollen yarn where all the properties come together to produce a light, yet bulky and slightly crisp feel, ideal for winter warmth and easy to spin.

  • 100% Perendale Wool
  • Natural Color
  • 4 oz
  • Micron Count 28-32
  • Staple Length 4"