Embroidery Thread Packs | Sublime Stitching

Product Description

Brand: Sublime Stitching

These handy little packs of thread contain seven different skeins of coordinating thread colors - perfect for your next cross stitch or embroidery project. Each skein of thread contains 8 meters (8.75 yards) of 6-strand colorfast cotton. 

Packs set with colors are:

Breakdance - B-Boy Red; Leg Warmer; Poppin; Lockin; Parachute Pants; Boombox; New Sneakers

Flowerbox - Honeysuckle; In-bloom; Petal; Bee Pollen; Bird's Nest; Sprout; Fig Leaf

Frosting - Pink Ribbon; Melon Ball; Butter Pat; Reception Mint; Blue Fondant; Lavender Sugar; Cookie Sheet

Fruit Salad - Marischino; Canned Mandarin; Lemon Wedge; Avocado; Oil Cloth; Raspberry Whip; Chocolate Pudding

Laurel Canyon - Lilac Wine; Batchelder; Mandolin; Peacock; Joni; Bougainvillea; Peyote 

Mingles - Pink Smoothie; Sunstreak; Ivy League; Waiting Pool; Lilac Twist; Woodgrain; Dalmation

Parlour - Fainting Couch; Tassels; Bell Pull; Absinthe; Amazonite; Corset; Velvet Curtain

Portrait - Milk Maid; Peachy Cheek; Lip Gloss; Bronzer; Silky Cocoa; Smokey Eye; Eyeliner

Rainbow - Red Dwarf; Solar Flare; Sunshine; Green Day; True Blue; Ultra Violet; Black Hole

Taffy Pull - Cherry Swirl; Orange Cream; Pina Colada; Watermelon; Blueberry; Grape Drink; Licorice