Bohin Chenille Needles #18

Product Description

Brand: Bohin

Bohin needles have an exceptionally smooth surface that glides through fabric; Bohin needles are finished with a superior polishing process that is especially gentle to fine fabrics and minimizes thread wear.

Bohin Chenille Needles are of medium length with a very sharp point, a long, oval eye, and a thicker shaft than either the sharps or milliner's needles.  It is like a tapestry needle, though somewhat heavier, and with a much sharper point.  Chenille needles are excellent for working with thicker threads and heavier fabrics like wool embroidery; they are useful in stitching with silk ribbons and gold work; they are excellent for certain kinds of household repairs (e.g., carpets) that require a heavier, sharper, more robust needle.