Wensleydale Lamb Natural Color Roving Fiber | Gypsy Wools

Product Description

Brand: Gypsy Wools

Wensleydale yarns have intense and distinct stitch definition in knitting projects. Not ideal for most next to skin garments but ideal for weaving and home accessories. Wensleydale if spun correctly, can be a great yarn for shawls as well because it drapes beautifully.

Wensleydale has a very long staple length and a nice thick fiber diameter it is not suited to the beginner because of the control needed to spin it loosely. If spun too tightly the fiber can become very wiry and harsh to work with.

  • 100% Wensleydale Lambs Wool
  • Sheep's name: "Queen Helene"
  • 2 oz
  • Natural Color
  • Staple Length: 7"-12" 
  • Micron Count: 30-36